Super Base & Top Coat Combo

  • Super Base & Top Coat Combo

Quick Dry Vegan Polish 15ml.


Invisible shield, protecting polish from chipping and dulling — no UV lamps required.
Our super shiny top coat is slightly tinted to
reflect more light and keep polish from yellowing

Beautiful nails without the health risk.

10 Free Nontoxic
Professional-Grade Quality
Intense Pigmentation
Children Friendly

Start with a clear base coat, which helps the polish stick to your nail more easily. A base coat also creates a barrier that helps protect your nails from the damaging effects of nail polish. It prevents staining and peeling, and it will give your polished nails a more even texture.

Generously apply Top Coat. Use the tip of the brush to glide over and burst any air bubbles that may have formed. Encapsulate the free edge of each nail, sealing in all the layers. Keep Top Coat confined to the nail plate to prevent product lifting. Allow 2-5 minutes to dry.